Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Raw Materials

High Quality Mask Raw Materials: 

  • SPUNBOND PP Inner Layer (face side). 10 gsm to 25 gsm
  • SPUNBOND Outer Layer. 25 gsm to 40 gsm
  • MELTBLOWN Middle Layer. 25 gsm. up to 62" Wide
  • MELTBLOWN Middle Layer. 25 gsm negatively charged up to 62" wide
  • MELTBLOWN Up to BFE 99 
  • MELTBLOWN For N95 Mask

Disposable Gown Raw Materials: 

  • SMS (Spunbond + Meltdown + Spunbond)
  • SFS (Spunbond + Film + Spunbond)
  • Spunbond

Perforated Sanitation Wipes

  • perforated center pull dry wipes 
  • 4" to 18" wide rolls
  • Minimum 6" perf length

OXCO does not warrant or claim that any materials supplied are certified for specific BFE ratings, filtration efficiency, FDA or other medical certifications unless expressly written by OXCO, Inc.  Users of raw materials are responsible for suitability of use for specific applications.

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