Production Capabilities and Services

With diverse production and converting capabilities OXCO is qualified of responding to many customer demands. OXCO continually evaluates its production services to insure we offer consistent, high quality, and efficient output.  As markets and applications evolve OXCO adapts by implementing the necessary technology. 

Product Development

OXCO collaborates with the spirit of partnership in mind while working closely with our customers and industry professionals to develop custom products.  Our success is proven by repeat customers who continually employ OXCO to develop products that meet or exceed expectations.

Adhesive Coating and Laminating

  • Max Width - 144"
  • Adhesive and Polymers Applied:  PET, PP, PA, EVA, PSA, APAO and more
  • Minimum Coat Weights: 1.5 gsm
  • Maximum Coat Weight: 20 gsm
  • Materials Processed:  nonwovens, films, papers, and more
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Converting Capabilities

  • Slitting / Rewinding (maximum width = 206" and minimum width = 1/2" with tolerances* + / - 1/32")
  • Small Rewinding
  • Coreless Rewinding
  • Perforating (maximum width = 130" and minimum perf length is 6" cross directional, 48" maximum OD)
  • Sheeting capabilities (maximum width = 60" maximum and 6" minimum with tolerances + / - 1/16")
  • Baloney Slicing (maximum width = 120", 48" maximum OD)
  • Roll Folding (120" maximum fold to 60")
  • Continuous Sewing

*tolerances represent lowest achieved variances within current equipment capabilities; tolerances vary by material

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  • Four color 66" flexo printing
  • One color 122" flexo printing and two to three color zone printing
  • Multi color rotary screen printing

Additional Offerings

  • Dyeing & Finishing (color dyeing, flame retardants, UV inhibitors, binders, antimicrobials, antistatic, and custom solutions
  • Laminating & Coating (vapor barriers, adhesive backings, non-skid coatings and more)
  • Packaging (Per Customer Specifications)
  • Private Labeling